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Compare Contrast  Essay

Compare and Contrast Essays from

A compare contrast essay, as the name suggests is a type of essay where you have to find the similarities and differences between two things or topics. This essay form is considered to be the easiest among all other types of essays. However, just like any other essay, one has to do proper planning and research to come up with a good compare contrast essay. So, if you have been given an assignment to write a compare and contrast essay, here are some tips that will help you to come up with a well structured essay.

Choosing a Topic

The first step of writing a compare contrast essay is to choose the topic. As in this essay you have to compare and contrast two things, you have to choose two related topics. The topics that you choose should have both similarities as well as differences.  For instance, you can compare and contrast between two seasons, two vehicles, two books, two characters, etc.

Planning the Essay

As you have to write about two topics, it is important to organize your thoughts before you start the essay. Make two columns, one for each topic, and write down whatever comes to your mind when you think of each topic. This will make it easier for you to bring together the comparison as well as contrasting points of both these topics.

Thesis Statement

The next step is to create the thesis statement which is considered to be the basis of the entire essay. To form the thesis statement of the compare contrast essay, you have to ask some questions like what is the most important or interesting similarity or difference between the two topics. The brainstorming session that you conducted earlier will help you in answering this question, subsequently leading to the thesis statement of your essay.

Structuring the Essay:

Structuring or organizing the compare contrast essay is very important because you are dealing with two topics. If you do not organize your ideas well, it will make it difficult for your readers to understand your thoughts correctly. When it comes to the structuring of the compare and contrast essay, there are actually two ways which you can follow.

The first method is called the ‘tandem pattern’. If you are opting for this pattern, after writing the introduction, you will dedicate a section of the essay to one topic and another section for the other. Once you have discussed both the topics, you will analyze their similarities and differences in another section, followed by the conclusion. The second method of writing comparison and contrast essay is the ‘alternative pattern’. As the name suggests, here, you will be putting across the similarities and differences of both the topics alternately and not in different sections. This pattern is most useful when you are writing long essays or research papers.


The next and the last part of the essay is the conclusion. Here, you have to reemphasize your thesis statement on the basis of the argument that you have presented in the essay. It will also be a good idea to present your own opinion about the two topics in the conclusion.

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